The properties

Sensorial properties

Casatella Trevigiana DPO is a soft cheese, shiny, lightly whipped, melts in the mouth, ranging from milky white to creamy white in colour, minute marbling is allowed.
It has no rind or just a very fine one, with a traditional cylindrical shape.
A delicate, milky and fresh perfume.
A sweet flavour, typical of milk, with slightly acid notes.

Chemical properties

Moisture 53/60%
Fat 18/25%
Protein > 12%

Physical properties

Cylindrical shape
Large form weight 1.8 Kg – 2.2 Kg
Small form 0.25 Kg- 0.70 Kg
Rind large form 5 cm – 8 cm
Small form 4 cm – 6 cm

Conservation method

As Casatella Trevigiana DPO is a fresh cheese, it must be conserved at a maximum temperature of 4°C for no more than 10-15 days, as with time it tends to lose its main qualities.