DPO Recognition

What does DPO mean?
DPO (Denomination of Protected Origin) is the quality mark that is assigned by the European Union to those food products that have unique and unmistakeable features that depend exclusively, or mainly, on the area where they are produced. The geographic location includes both the natural (climate, environment) and human (traditional production techniques, craftsmanship) factors which are combined to produce something that cannot be imitated outside the specific production zone. For a product to be DPO, the production, transformation and processing phases must all take place within a specific geographic area. The conditions to achieve EU recognition must be listed in a specific protocol, with the production method, the product name and description, the geographic confines and all the limitations and prescriptions relative to the product production and labelling method. The Supervision Organisation guarantees that these regulations are respected.



A much awaited achievement

The Cooperative for the Protection of Casatella Trevigiana DPO cheese presented its request for DPO recognition for the cheese in 2001. The Ministry for Agricultural and Forestry Policies, with its decree of 3rd April 2006, which was published in the Official Gazette of Italy on 15th April 2006, approved the Production Method, and granted temporary national protection for Casatella Trevigiana DPO. The DPO request at European level was then forwarded by MIPAF to the relative EU authorities for final confirmation.
With EC Regulation no. 487/2008 on 2nd June 2008, CASATELLA TREVIGIANA DPO was recorded in the register of denomination of protected origin and protected geographical indication.

Disciplinare Casatella
Reg CE DOP Casatella trevigiana
Reg Ce 510/2006